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OLV Wardens Meeting

16 December 2010

In Attendance:   Bill, Phil, Ken, Agnes, Lyall, Susan and Gail

  1. Opening Prayer: Led by Bill

  2. Approval of Minutes: Approved by Phil, seconded by Agnes

  3. Approval of Agenda: Approved by Lyall, seconded by Ken

  4. Administration Activities:

    1. Secretary’s Report
      • Letter from Norm MacMillan to Bill Cameron granting a ‘subvention’ of additional funds.

    2. Treasurer’s Report
      • Investments made at Caisse Populaire

  5. Business Arising from Minutes:

    1. Christmas Concerts
      • Heart & Soul - 170 tickets
      • Chanterelle – 157 people – everything was good for the reception – enough coffee and deserts

    2. Gospel Matters Concert
      • Planned for April 30/11
      • Bill talked to Lyoness Woodstock (his cost $350)
      • OLV prepares the lunch
      • Susan to contact Jason Roos
      • Sell tickets for $10.00 - there were about 140 at the event at St. Stephen’s
      • The concert will be held in the church.

    3. Volunteer Appreciation Night

      • There were 65 that attended – enjoyed by all

    4. Furnace/Heating
      • Zone valve over furnace leaks when too much pressure. Zone valve part is $400.
      • If it continuously leaks then it must be replaced.

  6. New Business:

    1. Christmas gift for Father Gyan
      • gave a cheque for $250.00

    2. Phil Casey’s offer
      • He is interested in providing music
      • We would print the tickets
      • Proposed date: Feb 19/11 – to be held in the basement
      • Dance type evening
      • Bill to take care of liquor license for the bar

    3. Nancy’s Printer
      • needs black and white printer
      • Lyall will talk to Nancy regarding printing issues
      • Proposed a budget of $125.00

    4. Father Gyan’s Salary
      • Issue regarding the compensation for the vacation time he had taken
      • Father Gyan will be compensated for the 2 weeks taken.

    5. Financial Statements: Choir & OLV Society
      • Financial statements provided by the Choir and the OLV Society

    6. Future Projects
      • Next meeting to determine future projects
      • The bathrooms downstairs needs to have various updates
      • The bathroom on the main floor to be looked at also

  7. Next Meeting: January 20, 2011

  8. Adjournment: Meeting adjourned by Agnes, seconded by Susan

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