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OLV Wardens Meeting

15 April 2010

In Attendance:    

  1. Opening Prayer: led by Bill

  2. Approval of Minutes: Approved by Lyall, seconded by Phil

  3. Approval of Agenda: Approved by Phil, seconded by Agnes

  4. Administration Activities:

    1. Secretary’s Report - Nothing to report

    2. Treasurer’s Report - Will be tabled at next meeting

  5. Business Arising from Minutes:

    1. List of possible projects for volunteers
      • Determine exactly what has to be done on the outside of the church (i.e. small painting jobs etc.)

    2. Possible church Benefit
      • It was a possibility that Victor Laurin would drop by to provide details for a future event at the church.

    3. Zone Update
      • Improvement has been seen for items for translation (i.e. Easter Message)
      • Follow-up meeting at the end of April/May to review the structure of the English speaking zone.

    4. Web Site Changes
      • Should have a brainstorming session.
      • Have a meeting for anyone interested in the website.
      • What other information should we have on the site. (i.e. pictures of events) Hall rentals, family history.
      • Bill will call Ambrose to set up a meeting.

    5. Cemetary Updates
      • Continue to put the notice in the Bulletin.
      • If you bought a lot – there is a 10 year period.
      • What about the 99 year lease?
      • Jacques Foucault has a list. We will look at the English families on the list.

    6. Engraving update – (plaque in front of church)
      • Bill Newton has a contact person that can do the plaque. (Cost $140- to do sometime in May)

    7. Display case in front of church
      • Display pictures of events, parish suppers etc.
      • Phil found a place in Ottawa ($160) – mounted on wall right side entering church.

  6. New Business:

    1. Spring Supper – May 28th
      • Put notice of supper in church bulletin
      • Raffle – 10 balloon per gift. $5.00 per ticket
      • Ensure that the gifts are evenly distributed among the bundles of balloons for sale
      • Put more people at the gift table to control the giving of the gifts at the end of the sale of balloons.
      • Starts at 4:30, Ken and Phil at Bar, Diane to do the cash
      • Lyall – prepare 200 tickets
      • Susan to coordinate the food for the supper (donations of salads etc.)
      • Bill and Ethel to sell tickets
      • BBQ for raffle
      • Need tank for balloons
      • Ken – weights for balloons
      • Prepare posters for church in Mayo and Friendship Club
      • Pre-supper Meeting – May 13th at 6:30 p.m. (prior to Gospel Choir at 8:00 p.m.)

    2. ALPHA - Furnace
      • Alpha will clean furnace end of May early June
      • Talked about changing the thermostat. We will check the bills/statements for the # of liters used for 2009 and 2010 to compare.

    3. Gospel Choir
      • Giving a concert on May 13th at 8:00 p.m.
      • Free admission by donations accepted

    4. Dan’s transportation Cheque
      • previously $35 will increase to $40. Resolution passed, proposed by Agnes, seconded by Phil. All in agreement.

    5. Use of garage
      • Regis can use it – unless Fr. Gyan needs it.

    6. Buckingham Volunteer Organization
      • Looking for office space for full time.
      • Could use hall of conference room

  7. Next Meeting: May 20th, 2010

  8. Adjournment: Proposed by Agnes, seconded by Phil

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