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OLV Wardens Meeting

18 February 2010

In Attendance:   Bill, Susan, Ken , Phil, Agnes, Lyall and Gail

  1. Opening Prayer: Bill led the opening prayer

  2. Approval of Minutes: Approved by Susan, seconded by Ken

  3. Approval of Agenda: Approved by Agnes, seconded by Phil

  4. Administration Activities:

    1. Secretary’s Report
      • Thank you letters for donations sent to OLV Society and Country 2000

    2. Treasurer’s Report
      • Financial Statement for 2009 ending 09/12/31 with the comparison to 2008

  5. Business Arising from Minutes:

    1. Capital Projects
      • Painting of interior of church – the painting will begin on Monday, Feb 22nd. Mass will be cancelled on Wednesday. Should take 4 days ($20.00 per hour/approx $600.00)

    2. Volunteers
      • Bill to prepare the lists for the various duties in the parish (window washing, plumbing, small painting jobs, cleaning various rooms, etc.)

    3. St. Patrick’s Event
      • We will try to plan an event at a later date.
      • Contact John Kane – the Two Paddy’s.
      • Victor Laurin – has ideas for an event. Will provide details of this.

    4. Zone Update
      • A copy of e-mail letter from Linda Cameron to Father Bill Maravee was provided to wardens. The e-mail lists the comments proved by the member of the PPC for OLV and St. Malachy.

    5. Other Zone Issues
      • Translation issues: Easter /Christmas and Lent will be translated as a priority.
      • Messages returned: We will monitor how efficiently messages are returned.
      • Meetings/workshops for wardens will be held in English
      • Investments:
             - May invest in GIC’s.
             - No Mutual Funds (considered gambling)
             - Strip bonds – to look into this.
      • Diocesan Report - we will send our bulletin
      • The Zone is a necessary requirement for the English community.

  6. New Business:

    1. Web site
      • What is the cost of maintaining the website?
      • Bill is proposing to get a meeting with Linda, Ambrose, Lyall and Gail Wallingford
      • Contents of site: continue to put bulletins, what about upcoming events, raffles, other parish news, Hall rentals etc.

    2. Cemetary Plots
      • Put a notice in the bulletin regarding the ‘perpetual care’ for those who currently have family plots. Plots can be resold.

    3. Update the plaque in Church
      • find an engraver – get an estimate of the costs
      • update with Fr Gyan’s name (ask what he would like printed) and start date
      • update with Fr. Bill’s end date

    4. Display case at entrance of church
      • Look at a display case to indicate church news and events.
      • Other church information can be posted.

  7. Next Meeting: Thursday, March 18, 2010

  8. Adjournment: Meeting adjourned by Susan, seconded by Phil

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