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Reflections on the Sunday Liturgy

(from the Synodal Process)
In Quebec, there is a lot of talk about religious symbols. One of these, which arouses debates, is the crucifix in the National Assembly. I do not want to go into the debate about whether the crucifix should stay there or be removed. I would rather reflect on the meaning of the symbol itself and what it tells us about Jesus. If we really want to know Jesus, we must pierce the mystery of His cross.

The cross is made of two beams. The vertical beam, the one that is planted in the ground and rises to the sky, reminds us that Jesus is the one who connects heaven and earth. In Him, divinity meets humanity. That is why, in today's gospel, God says to Peter, James and John, "This is my Son ....... listen to Him! Only Jesus really knows the Father, because He and the Father are “ONE”.

In Jesus, God comes to renew His relationship with us. In Him, God welcomes us into the love life of the Trinity by giving us His Spirit. His love frees us from our fears, our weaknesses, even our sins. With St. Paul, we can recognize that He is truly our "Savior".

The horizontal beam, the one on which the arms of Jesus were stretched out and on which His hands were nailed, tells us of the bond that Jesus has woven with all humanity. Jesus is really God …...but He is also really man. He shared all aspects of our humanity except sin. He knew our fears, our joys and our hopes, our temptations and our failures, our loves and our desires.

In Him, humanity finds a living center that allows it to be tied in harmony and unity. While coming towards Him, we grow in our intimacy with our brothers and our sisters, because He is the brother of each of us. Jesus weaves the Christian community to shape the human community.

We understand why the cross has become a deeply significant symbol. It tells us who Jesus is for God and for us. It is not only a heritage object: it is a visual and concrete reminder of Jesus, of His love for us, of the salvation He wants to operate in us.

In all our churches, at the heart of all our liturgical celebrations, the cross occupies a place of honor. We draw the sign of the cross on our bodies at the beginning of Mass, as we gather, and a second time at the end of Mass, as we prepare to go out to bring the love of Jesus to the heart of the world.

The crucifix hangs on the walls of many of our homes. This week, let us take a moment to take it in our hands and let us look at it carefully and try to express what it represents for us. In prayer, let us repeat to Jesus how happy we are that He has revealed His love to us, and that He has introduced us into the life of the Spirit.

Perhaps the crucifix has no place in the National Assembly. The important thing is that it holds a place of honour in our lives.


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