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Fr. Albanus’ Reflections on the Sunday Liturgy

The theme of this 5th Sunday of Easter is about the “New”. The readings speak about renewal and new things: the New Jerusalem, a new Heaven and new earth, and a new commandment. In the first reading we see Paul and Barnabas about to finish their first missionary journey. They have crossed many regions and proclaimed the Good News in many towns before returning to Antioch. This reading therefore describes how the small Christian communities helped the work of renewal in their membership by their agape love in imitation of Paul and Barnabas. The second reading from the Book of the Revelation presents the new world that will rise at the end of time when God will destroy evil and only good will remain. God is already doing that now: See, I am making all things new. God renews His Church, the New Jerusalem by being present in her members, communities and celebrations. This new world is manifested wherever love is being practiced.

The Gospel speaks about the “new commandment.” It offers us the secret of Christian renewal. That lies in the faithful practice of this Jesus’ new commandment: Love one another as I have loved you! With this Jesus had added a new element to the Old Testament command of love by teaching us that the true test of discipleship is to love other people in the same way that He has loved, with sacrificial, unconditional, agape love. Thus, the renewal of our Christian life lies in a radical of vision and a reordering of our priorities in life. Such a renewal brings us to embrace new attitudes, new values and new standards of relating to God, to other people and, indeed, to our whole environment (Kadavil, A).

Christ gave us the “new” commandment of love. We ought to learn to love ourselves so that we may learn to love each other. The Old Testament says “Love your neighbor as yourself” (Lev. 19:1-2, 9-18). We cannot learn to cherish others and care for them if we have never learned to do the same for ourselves. We have to love others in our daily living. We are asked to love as Jesus loved, in the ordinary course of our lives. This we do by responding to others’ everyday needs with love and compassion. We ought to comfort and protect those who have experienced loss. We love others by serving them in every possible way no matter how small, seeing the face of Jesus in them. We love others by forgiving them rather than condemning them, by challenging them rather than condoning, by sacrificially sharing our time, talents and blessings with them. As a community, we must demonstrate our love in our gatherings and parish assemblies. People must see Christians as people who interact with a love and concern for one another that reveals their strong love and appreciation for each other. They should see in us a quickness to appreciate and readiness to forgive, even as Christ has forgiven us (Kadavil, A).

Happy Easter!


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